June 2014

I hired Amy to help me clean out my closet, establish “my” style, and personal shop for classic stylish items to round out my wardrobe. I ended up donating 10 giant bags of clothing that really needed to go, and now my closet looks like a boutique. If you want to feel like “Pretty Woman”, hire Amy!

Shari C. NJ

Amy was fantastic. I Had a fabulous afternoon shopping and got some gorgeous items. I never would have found the awesome boutiques Amy took me too and I could not be happier with her service. It was fun and productive.

Kathi H. Australia

May 2014

Amy was outstanding. She purged my closet with vigour and I loved it – very freeing! She gave me “permission” to get rid of the clothes in my closet that were outdated, not comfortable, or that I just didn’t wear. Amy helped me figure out what clothes suited my body type and shoes that would be ok for my challenging feet. My shopping experience was fantastic too. When I arrived, she had a full dressing room of clothes (that I never would have been able to choose myself). We went through them quickly and found many mix and match outfits. We have a follow up session to pull my closet all together. Amy will take pics of me in the new clothes (and old) so I will remember how to pull outfits together without angst. I have already received many compliments on my new look! Thank you Amy!

Carolyn H. NJ

May 2014

I wanted to thank you for a great day yesterday. Not only did I have a lot of fun, but it was very productive. I really enjoyed you helping me find outfits that are stylish and work well for me. My husband loved everything and I’m really excited to start wearing the outfits.

Shelly, NJ


May 2014

Amy, you did a brilliant job of finding clothes that work perfectly for me. You understood what makes me comfortable then helped me make it stylish. I learned so much but I can’t wait to shop with you again because it was just so fun! Thank you!

Julie, NJ


May 2014

I had an amazing time with Amy; she was so easy to work with and has excellent taste. I am now a proud owner of a very stylish wardrobe. I would definitely recommend her.

Akosua, London


April 2014

I am a stay at home mom of two kiddos under 3. Life is busy and shopping, something I used to love, has become a chore. I can honestly say I hadn’t bought anything stylish in at least three years. My 3 and a half year old asked me one day “Mommy, why do you always where the same thing everyday and always black?” Ughhhh I knew it was time to get out of my yoga pants occasionally. I saw an Ad Amy had posted and decided to go for it. I wasn’t sure what a stylist really did but I booked a sitter and went for it. Amy emailed me to get sizes and a basic idea about my style. The day of I had to bring my 7 month old… not ideal. Well let me tell you if you are on the fence about hiring Amy….DO IT!!! Best money I have spent in a very very long time. I showed up and guess what no shopping or looking needed for me. She had a ton of things already picked out in my size ready in the fitting room. This has to be a mommy dream! She even held my little peanut (totally not part of her job description) while I tried things on. I loved everything and was amazed at how easy it was. Everything I got is interchangeable. I have been told over and over again how great I look in my new clothes and I have to tell you it really feels like I got a little piece of myself back. Yes I still wear yoga pants but now I don’t have to and I can feel great about me again. Oh and my daughter? She looked at me and said “Mommy you look beautiful” Treat yourself to a day with Amy, you deserve it!!

Dawn, NJ


April 2014

It was a great experience from the very beginning. Amy prepared dressing rooms with for me in couple of stores, so I was walking in and trying on, mix and matching her ideas without wasting time. Amy quickly picked up what my style is, my likes and dislikes. She always gave honest opinion even when she had to say: ‘I love this blouse but it’s so not you’. When Amy saw my hesitation here and there, she took a picture of the outfit and emailed to me with items description so I could make my decision later. She also answered my fashion questions and gave advice regarding styles and colors I should choose or avoid.

Amy provided professional service (and fun!) that every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime! Thank you!

Joanna, NY

February 2014

Amy was amazing! I am regular guy who does not like to shop. I usually wear hoodies to work and was looking for someone to help me “overhaul” my wardrobe. Was not sure what to expect as i had never worked with a stylist before. Amy has exceeded all my expectations, could not believe it was that easy! Wish i had met her a few years ago. She came by and saw the clothes i used to wear and recommended what i should keep and what i should not; we then went to a few stores where i had my own changing room. In addition to that, she had already pre-selected a ton of clothes, all i had to do was try them on and see if they fit. Before meeting her, i was a bit worried she might recommend some outfits that i would not usually wear, but it was the total opposite, she never pushed me to get something i did not like, instead she figured out what type of clothes i like and worked with it. All this happened in only 3 hours, i ended up getting around 8 work outfits and 4 outfits for going out and special occasions; plus we were able to stay within budget. Everyone has noticed my new outfits and i keep getting compliments!

Cannot wait to work with her for the coming summer season.

–Firas, NY

February 2014

Amy is amazing! I hate to shop and my wardrobe is right out of the 1980s. I gave Amy basic information about me plus some pictures. We met at the mall where she had already organized two fitting rooms full of potential outfits in two different stores. I tried on and selected clothes for three hours without having to leave the fitting room. I came home with a new wardrobe of stylish clothes and shoes. I bagged and donated half of my closet the next day. My family was amazed and thrilled with my new look. So am I!

–Pat H., NJ

 December 2013

Excellent taste. Ease of manner. Great style and very reliable !

–Josh F., NY

 December 2013

We went shopping with Amy as a gift for my mom’s birthday and she loved it! Amy is terrific and really has an eye for the right clothes. It was a great present!

–Kyra S.

November 2013

My outing with Amy was pleasurable, unrushed, productive, and a learning experience. She helped take me a bit out of my comfort zone, yet not too far and helped me select numerous outfits with little to no stress. I am a male, who does not enjoy shopping and she had me in the mall for 3 hours! Normally time would drag and drag and I would want nothing more than to run to my car! Surprisingly our time there went by quick and was far from unenjoyable. I liked how she asked what you thought about items rather than simply throwing them on you and worked with what you personally liked, either comfort or style wise. Definitely a wonderful experience! Looking forward to people seeing me out with my new style and confidence! Thanks Amy! Only down side was I went a little over what I wanted to spend on items but I feel it was necessary for what I needed, and hopefully the bit I went over will be worth it with longevity of the items, and definitely was worth it in comfort. I tried things I probably never would have without Amy’s help and loved the feel and fit of those items. Thanks again!

–Don K., NJ

June  2013

Amy helped my daughter pick out cloths that flatter her figure og gave her advises about how to match different colors and styles – and she did great!!!

She took my daughter round to different store for 3 hours, and found a lot of great stuff. My daughter is so happy and I really see a boost in her self confidence – she glows!

It was money well spent!

Amy is an awesome stylist, very professional and at the same time very much like a good friend, but giving my daughter her full attention – she had pre-shopped and selected what stores to visit based on a phone conversation with my daughter and I.

She even took pictures of different combinations and styles, that my daughter can use as a future guideline.

Do go for it – Amy can really make a difference, if your have problems with your self-esteem, find it difficult to find clothes that compliment your figure or problems with what colors to wear!

We loved it all !! And had so much fun !!!

Thank you Amy !

–Lene,  NY

 June 2013

I had the amazingly fun experience of having a shopping and styling experience with Amy. She was so supportive and creative with finding the perfect clothes to fit my not-so-perfect shape and my personality. Her suggestions were also considerate of my budget. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy and her incredible services. You will still be smiling about months later!

–Jim T., NJ

May 2013

Amy is great! She came to my apartment and we first took a full inventory of my clothes and asked me for what types of outfits that I was looking for. Given that I work in a professional environment, she had many great ideas of what would be “stylish” but still professional. She took pictures of me in all of these outfits (many of which I never would have put together myself) and sent me the pictures immediately following the session so I not have a photo library of ideas. Best of all, Amy is awesome, she is very positive and energetic and makes you feel good about your clothes and how you look in them. Totally an A+++ experience.

–Jason N., NY

March 13, 2013

Was a great experience and a great time. Amy is incredibly helpful at picking out things that look good. She pushed me just enough to get out of my comfort zone, without going too far, which is exactly what i was looking for. Would definitely recommend her.

–Dan L., NY

 January 2013

My sister & I took our mom to NYC for her 70th birthday extravaganza and thought it would be fun to surprise her with a personal shopper to help her find an outfit for the theater. We found Amy online at Thumbtack. She was quick to respond, professional and most importantly, enthusiastic. She asked questions about mom – her “fashion sense and needs” – and set a time to meet us in the city. The three of us have since agreed that the moment we met Amy we knew she was the perfect fit (no pun intended). She had clearly done her homework – as evidenced by finding shops with materials that mom likes and clothing that fit her small frame. Amy was upbeat, patient, informative,kind and a true joy to work with. And mom, much to her delight, ended up with 2 bags overflowing with wonderful new outfits. My only complaint is that the time went by too quickly (We spent approximately 4 hours shopping).

–Shannon E., Maine

 October 2012

Before I worked with Amy I was uneasy in my clothes. My clothing didn’t fit right and I was tired of the same old style. I can now say I truly feel amazing, the clothing fits and looks great! Best of all, I had people noticing my look immediately. I no longer hate shopping and I really enjoy the clothes I wear. I recommend Amy to anyone looking for supportive styling assistance!

–Mike P., NJ

April 2012

Amy was really so much fun to work with. From the moment I met her we were laughing together. She is incredibly professional and stylish, but very “down to earth” and sincere. She was very enthusiastic and excited about helping me, and she made me feel comfortable. I have never had more fun trying on my own clothes!  We accomplished so much in our 2 sessions, and she has helped me to match together clothing items that I would never have been able to do myself. She is great at explaining why certain looks work and why some just don’t, and she has been a tremendous help!

–Madie, NJ

June 2011

I have never been confident about what clothes to buy, which clothes to wear, and how to wear them.  Amy was able to come into my closet, confidently go through items to keep and purse, seasonally identify a few staple items that are missing from my closet, and then work alongside me to purchase what’s needed.  What’s been even more valuable is that by coming into my closet she was able to show me how to wear the things I already have!  Things I’ve never worn before and things that have never gone together are suddenly staples in my wardrobe.  Additionally, by watching Amy at work, I have been able to learn and selectively be more brave with my wardrobe even when she’s not by my side.  Since employing a stylist’s services, I have received unsolicited compliments for being dressed more professionally and stylishly both inside and outside of work.

–Roopa, NJ

 June 2011

Thank you for a wonderful experience and a day I will never forget.  Amy, you are a very impressive person with exceptional fashion sense, great people skills, an amazing ability to understand my comfort level with fashion and work on the edges of those confines.

My wife was very impressed with what you have done for me and neither she nor I could believe how badly so much of my previous wardrobe had fit me.

All the items you selected for me were perfect and every time I wear them people comment on my good taste in clothes which ultimately leads me into telling them about you and how happy I am with the job you did.

There is no doubt in my mind that I will call on you again next season.

Once again thank you for what you have done for me.

Until next time,

–Bob, Mahwah, NJ

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